Our Project

“Movement and rhythm are innate skills in every human being’s nature.”

AcroModernLAB is an international project committed to sharing our experience and passion for movement through our intensive workshops.

The ultimate goal of this laboratory is showing performers, artists and athletes

of all levels and ages

how to use their bodies and skills in a different way, as well as deepening movement awareness and enriching personal potential.


Through a stimulating approach to modern-contemporary dance and floor acrobatics, practitioners get to investigate crucial topics such as 3-axis coordination, adaptivity, air/floor awareness.

Moreover, advanced dancers will have the chance to open their minds to the new frontier of the current dance scenario, constantly craving for more and more multitalented performers.

Our workshops have been held in dance schools, circus schools and gymnastics centres in Israel, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Finland, Italy  and more


Bring everything you are used to do, and put it aside.

No matter what your background is, we are going to make you work to your maximum possibilities, from warm-up to cool down.
The way we show how to mix these two disciplines is utterly different

from the standard “acrobatic dance”, where gymnastics movements find their spot into a choreography:

we treat each acrobatic movementfrom basic to advanced, 

as a dance step with the idea that the audience

must not be able to tell the difference between the two things.

Specific moments of the workshop will focus  on developing mutual exchange and exploration of the personal emotional baggage thanks to creative group activities from our own wealth of knowledge acquired from working with some of the largest show business companies of the world like Cirque du Soleil, Franco Dragone, “Notre Dame de Paris“.

Check the brochure above for more details!



1, 2 or 3 days

The workshop will be scheduled with 4 hours per day, either morning, afternoon or evening:

  • 75 minutes of specific warm-up/workout/stretching/pre-acrobatics/coordination; 

  • 75 minutes of acrobatics technique/dance movement research; 

  • 75 minutes of Acro Modern choreography.


Kids from 8 to 13 years old, adults from 14 and older.


5 or 7 days

The workshop will be scheduled with 3 hours per day, either morning, afternoon or evening:

  • 60 minutes of specific warm-up/workout/stretching/pre-acrobatics/coordination; 

  • 60 minutes of acrobatics technique/dance movement research,

  • 60 minutes of Acro Modern choreography.


Maximum number of students set to 30.
Participants from 14 years old and older,

younger groups can be arranged in specific circumstances.


weekly or monthly classes

If you are interested in a regular class at your school, send us an e-mail with your schedule availability and group age/level.


for dancers and acrobats/gymnasts

Learn some of the original thrilling choreographies by Martino Müller of the Guinness World Record Musical that has been performing world-wide for 20 years!



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